Washer & Dryer Repair

Washer and Dryer Repair

You depend on your washer and dryer to be there when it's laundry day and you have loads and loads coming in from the laundry bin and under the bed.

Near the Coppell area of TX, we've been helping families with washer and dryer problems for years to solve and fix them to make their laundry days more bearable and less stressful.

Common Issues

Not Starting

Your appliances not starting means an electrical issue that you may be able to fix yourself.

If your washer or dryer is plugged in correctly to the outlet and still not working, it means that your circuit breaker might be blown and just needs to be switched back on. In the case that this doesn't fix the issue then an appliance repair like us will come help you out.


Clogged ventilation and supply are some of the main causes of failure in laundry appliances. In the case of dryers, hot air can't escape to properly dry the clothes usually from the lint filter being clogged. A simple clearing of it after each load will prevent this from happening as in its worst manifestation it can cause fires.

For your washer make sure the inlet pipes are clear as impeding the water will stop it from filling and never getting your clothes washed in the first place.

No spinning

If the dryer or washer doesn't spin but turns on it could be a sign of a worn dryer belt or brushes if it's the washer. A malfunctioning switch or motor could also be the issue in which case you'll need a professional to come in and repair or replace it.

The appliance isn't heating

This is more an electrical problem with the ignition. You most likely won't have the proper tools lying around to fix it yourself, but our specialists definitely do. Essentially what's happening is that air is blowing but it isn't hot which means damp clothes still.

The machine makes strange noises

The most common noises that are by-products of washer and dryer malfunction come from the drum being stuck or blocked by something. A simple clearance of it will eliminate most problems.

Other noises are due to the drum being worn and means it just needs replacement whose parts are readily available to be ordered and shipped by the next day.

Call Mid DFW Appliance Repair of Coppell, TX

If any of the issues above are ones that you're facing then you need to contact us so we can help you. As you've seen above some things you can do at home and don't need an expert but for everything else, we are your go-to guys an gals that do it right.

We offer some of the best rates, the absolute best customer service and great value all in one.